Sunday, April 26

Low-Fi Weekend

I haven't used my Diana F+ in a while because the film and development are really expensive and I'm really missing experimenting with that thing. Unfortunately, I can't afford to develop and print any of the eight rolls of 120mm film I shot way back in December and January so they're just going to have to sit in a box for a while, at least until Summer's end. 

Luckily, my friend Karina made a discovery that is much cheaper and still gives you a photograph with that low-fi look. Well, it's hardly a discovery but disposable cameras are an unexpected alternative. We shot some photos downtown before heading over to the Sound Academy for the Lily Allen and NPSH concert in front of a greenhouse who's name I happened to forget and they didn't turn out that bad!

xxX, Mishap


Blair said...

Love the pics. You look like a slut ready to get-er-done!!! Hahaha, kidding.

Serena said...

Blair that's really rude.
How are you supposed to get into Princeton if you keep talking like that? I've been killing myself trying to help you and with all this stuff with Dan going on I don't think I can take it anymore. I'll at the Palace at 8. Don't blow it.


B said...

S... Are your seriously using Humphrey as an excuse in order to place the blame on me for your fiasco of a life?! And by the way, it was Yale... not Princeton. But that doesn't even matter anymore, seeing as I'm going to NYU... I don't know why you're killing yourself over your family drama while you should be sorry for me for having to take the subway from now on! OMG please, for once Serena, everything does not revolve around you. It's all about me!


Mishap said...

D'Loriane you are a huge (yet semi interesting) LOSER.

Deloraine said...

More so "Delorean"