Thursday, April 30

Oh Joy

It's people like Christian Joy who inspire me on rainy days like these. She's the designer behind Yeah Yeah Yeahs front-woman, Karen O's rad costumes and attire. It's interesting taking a look at the creative process behind Joy's work and it makes me want to make costumes too. This White Canvas podcast has inspired me to take up sewing during the summer as a creative hobby which will keep me occupied during much of my spare time. Yeah, I said it. I'm actually going to sew or attempt to do it at least. I've always wanted to make my own clothes and alter some of the used clothes that I find at thrift stores because I always find it hard to find clothes that fit my skinny body type. Thankfully, I have four months to practice. So I'm off to a Fabricland in search of the cheapest material to mess up on!

xxX, Mishap

Sunday, April 26

Low-Fi Weekend

I haven't used my Diana F+ in a while because the film and development are really expensive and I'm really missing experimenting with that thing. Unfortunately, I can't afford to develop and print any of the eight rolls of 120mm film I shot way back in December and January so they're just going to have to sit in a box for a while, at least until Summer's end. 

Luckily, my friend Karina made a discovery that is much cheaper and still gives you a photograph with that low-fi look. Well, it's hardly a discovery but disposable cameras are an unexpected alternative. We shot some photos downtown before heading over to the Sound Academy for the Lily Allen and NPSH concert in front of a greenhouse who's name I happened to forget and they didn't turn out that bad!

xxX, Mishap

Saturday, April 25

Almost Famous

"Who put such a high premium on being typical?" 
-Frances McDormand as Elaine Miller in Almost Famous

xxX, Mishap